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drink diet coke and your hands will get thinner

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you can reduce the size of a gold ring without tape you know

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chintan ruparel
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im tired of these ads. small clothes, thin chair, compressed (read:photoshopd) lane, thin mirror, blah blah blah... i think its time to bring out some copy! david ogilvy must be turning in his grave by now, looking at these oh-so-repetitive diet ads! do something new guys, advertising is all about being different!

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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Jonny Lonestar
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Amen. Inevitable off-cast "witty" junk ads all in the lame pursuit of "kindergarten gold star" awards. Try selling a single can of diet coke with this. people know it's diet, and the few (other advertisers) people who get this kind of over-played "witty" vis-solves, aren't going to make the slightest effort to go buy a can because they came up with yet another way to show that DIET coke is, well, diet. One big fat yawn from me.


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kindergarten gold star...
i like the comparison.
considering we're all spoilt brats in the playground.
i'll remember to use that at the next awards show in case i don't win anything.

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Ok all you beginners now lets learn advertising from the Pencil winner

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ho-so-repetitive? 'ho' as in 'she's a ho' ? or 'ho' as in 'ho ho ho'? just asking.

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Very Nice

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Not very nice

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Juan Carlos Jav...
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Buuuuuuu, buuuuu, always the same, i agree whit chints4u7.

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boring idea. ugly ring. dated layout.

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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Perhaps I'm not getting it. Is this making the point that if you drink diet coke, you'll lose weight, and therefore some woman had to reduce the size of her ring because her fingers weren't as fat? Please someone tell me I'm wrong.

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You're right Paul Galbraith. And yes, it is that pathetic.

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The problem, as I see it, is that the industry whipper-snappers stay up late studying the award annuals and within their dusty pages see painfully simple ads covered in shiny gold stars. Ads like... I dunno..... Levis 'Slim Jeans'. A great campaign I think most would agree. But when you analyse it, as these kids are doing until the wee small hours, the proposition behind it is hardly earth-shattering: Levis Slim Jeans are slim. They then apply this same rule when conceiving their next ad - forget a deep insight, forget a convoluted strategy, just dramatise the most obvious product benefit. In this case, it is that Diet coke makes you thinner. What I s'pose I'm getting at, in a very round-about way, is that there's actually nothing wrong with following the simplest, most obvious strategy, so long as your creative solution is incredible. But when it isn't, as in the case above, the end result is neither insightful nor creatively stimulating.

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i couldn't have said it better.

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Bit of a yuck ring though. Is that the style in India?

I didn't know it was for making the ring smaller, it looks more like she's so chubb that her fingers are cutting into the ring, therefore putting a bandaid around it. "So drink diet coke". A swing and a miss.

Fail Harder.

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definitely a crappy looking ring, a classy and modern-looking engagement ring would have 'fit' much better...hinting at the idea that the bride is trying to loose some extra pounds to squeeze into her dream wedding dress. although, 'a few extra pounds' dont usually hide in your fingers...fat plump fingers are generally found on obese folks.

as for the chubb finger cutting in to the ring theory...i dunno...dont get me wrong..i dont really think this spot is great or outstanding...but i'd say the vast majority would see the tape on the ring and know why it was there. taping a ring in such a manner is a fairly common fix until the wearer can bring it in to be properly sized.

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chintan ruparel
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look drizae, ppl in india are not as wealthy as you think, especially the middle class, to which i guess, the ad is targeted at. which makes the ugly looking ring quite the obvious and smart choice. point here?

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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Very Bad, nothing new in this category, come on India this its old!!!!

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Again the Ring conept.. Boring

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Maybe you could replace the ring with a coffin with legs and put an aerosol can in the bottom left, then you could sell it to a fly spray client.

Oh damn its already been done, again and again and again, oh yeah there not selling the bloody ring anyway so who gives a toss what it looks like.

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i think this kinda style is pretty outdated......i mean the way they layout the design.

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drink diet coke and your hands will get thinner