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Lovely photography. Forced idea.

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chintan ruparel
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i agree...forced

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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didn't get it? can someone kindly explain...

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certainly will try to help. the people in the ads are all in the pose a dj takes to spin his tunes (records).

there are too many questions coming to me from the ad. are these people going to the school and can't concentrate on anything else but spinning records? or are they saying that everyone can dj if they learn? or that everyone has a little dj in them?
am i thinking too hard and not just enjoying the message? or is this just a confusing ad?

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for me its just saying that if you're so passionate about dj'ing then it will control your life and you'll see a set of decks in everything you do.
its a bit weak.
nokia did it really well with a dishwasher in a restaurant 'spinning' 2 plates in sudsy water. it was a tvc. that was about 5 years ago and it was awesome.
maybe this is looking a bit lame cos i just saw the guinness work...

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kre8, you are right. it is weak. but i like your version of what it's saying.

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