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I get the whole "d.j. deja vu" from the photo poze in all 3 of them but somehow everybody spin is not clear. Does it mean that these people are students of the dj school but wherever they are they act like djs? Or that the djs that come out of this school make everybody spin?

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I think the two colours on the copy line are meant to denote two separate phrases.

However, a full stop would have helped.

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yeah, it gets a 5/10 for me, but it could be more direct/simpler to get maximum impact.

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Given that this campaign is coming from one of the top agencies in Canada... I am very disappointed with the horrible treatment on the logo and its positioning - so dull, it leaves me hangin' flat.
Since it's hitting a youth market, make it more like MTV or MuchMusic -more groove, funk, and style. The idea is ok, but I don't like the overall execution. Probably the worst campaign Alan Russell had to put his name on.

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Mr. Cool Supreme
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Done. Bates Singapore. For the first Nokia MP3 Player/Phone. It wasn't mindblowing 4 years ago either.

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Hmmm, no wow-factor here. The idea is there, these folks living a grey dull life dreaming of getting into the 'exciting' world of DJing ... but rather flat.

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This should be shown to all budding students of advertising as an example of a 'forced' idea. I mean, how often are tennis racquets set up on a table like that? Gimme a break...

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Ha ha. DJ School :)

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Crap. Sorry Strasser.

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Killer Kowalski
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Our intern wouldn't dare to show crap like this to me.

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