The Quebec Federation of Family Doctors: Fall

When she suffers and doesn't have access to a family doctor, her whole family suffers.

In Quebec, more than 3 million people are without access to a family doctor. When someone lack access to a family doctor, all his family suffer. Without government funding, this situation will continue to deteriorate.

Advertising Agency: BCP, Montreal, Canada
Executive Creative Director: Étienne Bastien
Art Director: Jonathan Rouxel
Copywriter: Étienne Bastien
Agency Producer : Frédérique Bissonnet
Account manager : Jean-Louis Dufresne
Account supervisor : Ginette Villiard
Graphik designer: Marc Bilodeau
Production House: la cavalerie
Photographer: Jean Malek
Productrice: Marie-Josée Larocque
Set designer: Susan MacQuarrie
Published: April 2011


Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
7000 pencils

Not exactly the same but I can see your point. The other ones in the campaign are slightly better then this one though.

atb2005's picture
13567 pencils

Exactly the same idea. And I am sure they knew about this previous campaign.

spaceopera 3000's picture
spaceopera 3000
37 pencils

such a pity..

life without music would have been so unfair.

Ron Burgundy's picture
Ron Burgundy
1636 pencils

composition IMO is too dark, nice try though

YJ's picture
372 pencils

Too dark? It's about pain and suffering. Do you want everything bright and sunny? And Henito, you can bang your copying drum all you want. There is a similarity in that it uses a family, but these are not the same. I really like this campaign. The art direction and retouching are great.

Ron Burgundy's picture
Ron Burgundy
1636 pencils

too dark as in hard to see, but then again im looking at it on my smartphone in the middle of the day

YJ's picture
372 pencils

Aha. That makes sense then. :)

Ethan Base's picture
Ethan Base
224 pencils

I love the intensity. The art direction is impeccable.

henito's picture
562 pencils

If you don't know a Cannes winner from 2 yrs ago, you should stay away from publishing anything on a blog about creativity.

UndoRedo's picture
101 pencils

Besides being EXACTLY THE SAME CONCEPT (a secuence in wich every frame of the action is replaced by a family member), it has horrible, hoooooooorrrible copywhriting, that makes you realize the image doesn't even correspond with the idea in general, i though this was a heard attack, a stroke, any explanation of the falling action. On the art direction department i'd say i dont have a problem with the darkness, but i think the scene is too posed. And im not digging the typo doesn't correspond with the mood.

Hammad S's picture
Hammad S
490 pencils

the boy looks happy..

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