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Beautiful. On a different note, I've never heard of endangered potatoes before.

dollypoppin's picture
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Me too. Just how could potatoes be endangered?

Nice ad! ;>

"Nihil sub sole novum"

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brilliant art direction. superb layout. the fonts used are also very captivating. but potatoes - an endangered species - never heard of it before. anyweays if its true, the communication is bang-on.

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Jaap Grolleman
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Nice ad but I'm doubting the cause. Endangered potatoes? :P

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Great way to communicate the message

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Hmm... there's no real website behind it. It just leads to a blog with 2 posts in the past 2 months... What's the point?
Like the creative execution though.

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Potatoes grown by small local farms in Manitoba, Canada are endangered due to a new law lobbied into existence by a large Co-op trying to monopolize the potato market and force small local farms out of business.

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It's from a local Manitoba campaign to allow smaller farmers to sell directly to the consumer, instead of having to go through large conglomerates. Good campaign, unfortunately the entire issue was resolved before it hit the billboards, making it a bit stillborn (and explains the low blog posts).

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Thanks for the feedback, and to address your questions... The local potatoes of Manitoba were endangered because almost 100 local potato farms were impacted by a new law that was passed preventing them from selling their potatoes to any of the year-round markets, grocery stores or restaurants in the province. This threatened to put their farms out of business and limited the local supply for markets and restaurants that wanted Manitoba potatoes. The campaign included these outdoor executions, transit shelters, PR and the blog. In just three weeks the campaign created enough pressure to get the law changed in favor of the small potato farms in Manitoba. After project success was achieved the blog was taken over by the Potato Coalition of Manitoba and all related content to the campaign was removed.

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Hmm, nice layout. Like how it links potatoes to pandas

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Advertising with purpose and effect, well done!

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Loved it. Great idea and execution.

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Luis Maram
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Beautiful design and great idea, but from marketing point of view, the lack of a correct landing page and a more structured campaign are going to cause a big fail.

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