The Orange Apple: Pencil

Advertising Agency: DDB, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Directors: Alan Russel, Dean Lee
Art Directors: Angela Sung
Copywriters: Angela Sung, Neil Shapiro
Post Production: The Orange Apple

November 2007


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60 pencils

Fucking Good!

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2029 pencils


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Die Sourgrape, Die. I see your anus itching profusely from envy.
The gods of Gorgoyleville have turned you uglier than a chimpanzee.
In your misery, you have an incurable UTI. Tata ...

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for someone who's suppose to be so tremendously more creative than the rest of the people here even your insults are surprisingly unimaginative and boring. poor thing.

kravji izpadek, gnojni izcedek and na pol milimetra omejena nerazvita sluz.

tata (hopefully)

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It feels sooooo good when the sourgrapes are dying of envy. Die, sourgrape, die. Hahahaha, uti, uti, uti .... nanananah ..!

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Jeez, there are some immature idiots posting these days. Say something constructive.

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Hate to say this, but well before Photoshop - this exact idea was done by Cabell Harris (Work) using a gold spray paint. It was the actual cover art for the One Show Annual back in the early 90s. I know, I know, there's a 10 year rule right? :)

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that aplies here, but is sad to know that its been done before.

on the other hand there are 1000 of ads featuring "creative" twist with awards.

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The Cat 208
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Math can't Understand Normal Thinking.

Nice execution.

Next !!!

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What does that first sentence even mean?

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Nice thought. But if I’m going to hire a creative retouching agency I want to know they have the chops to do some really impressive work. Anyone first year design student can change the colour sliver to gold. Show me something really impressive with a creative twist.

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I really like this. You don't need to demonstrate the "amazing" capabilities of the retouchers. This isn't an infomercial. The message I get is that with the help of this retouching agency, your ad will look even better which will boost you from the silver pencil to gold. If I was looking for a retouching agency, that's all the fuel I need to go look them up and check out their previous works.

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brilliantly simple, simply brilliant. only the guys who get it, are gold pencil caliber. the rest needn't bother.

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"Envy can make you uglier than what you are right now." - Double headed Snake.

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I agree. The fish market rapper goes for regional concerts.

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the question is how to get a pencil?

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i like i like!

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It's about time we do away with software nmemonics to establish the connection....

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