The Orange Apple: Clio

Advertising Agency: DDB, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Directors: Alan Russel, Dean Lee
Art Directors: Angela Sung
Copywriters: Angela Sung, Neil Shapiro
Post Production: The Orange Apple


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i love it, very clever concept thats purely targeting ad people, nice one

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Great work, Chris. Looks very good.
Send the team one's regards.


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Nice thought. But if I’m going to hire a creative retouching agency I want to know they have the chops to do some really impressive work. Anyone first year design student can change the colour sliver to gold. Show me something really impressive with a creative twist.

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ming the merciless
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I'm quite shocked that you've missed the point altogether. Their retouching turns a silver ad into gold. That's what they do. Product demonstration. Smart, simple, quick to get.

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Hahaha .... the sourgrapes' mouths are busy frothing. Tsk, tsk poor natives.

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Mirror, mirror on the wall ... who's the best fish market rapper of them all?

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What the fuck are you crapping on about bong boy? Do you think you're clever with your riddle speak?

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Another sourgrape reacting. Why? Is your anus getting swollen from envy itch?

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Hey, I'm allowed to get annoyed if I wish.

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Nice ads.

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The kind of idea that makes you jealous.

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