The Office of John Cheese: Betacam

Digital Betacam vs DVC Pro 50...

Advertising Agency: Block, Perth, Australia
Creative Director: Mark Braddock
Art Director: Ben Wright
Copywriter: Mark Braddock
Photographer: John Smith
Published: August 2009


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Nice, very well executed.

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A stranger abroad
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This is very, very reminiscent of a famous and brilliant print campaign for a production company. I am sure someone will pop along soon with a link. It ran in Lurzer's Archive - among other places - for yonks and won a bucket of awards for copywriting.

And while this is reminiscent in art direction, and ambition, it is a poor shadow of the original.

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Dev Kumar
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If that's how you sound son, then nobody really wants to be "in the employee of the office of John Cheese" ;-))

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I remember. Dublin Films. They did this first, and sooooo much better.

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