The Norwegian Snowboard Association: Head

The creator of the world's leading snowboarders since 1987.

The Norwegian Snowboard Association has since 1987 created lots of the worlds leading snowboarders (Terje Haakonsen, Daniel Franck and Andreas Wiig are just three of many) and that is something they want to tell to the Norwegian audience and potential sponsors. The man standing on the picture is the President of The Norwegian Snowboard Association and the head (and body) belongs to one of the new and up coming snowboarders.

Agency: Uncle Grey, Oslo, Norway
Creative Director: Frank Nystuen
Art director: Linn Sandnes
Copywriter: Frank Nystuen
Illustrator: Kenneth Hverven
Photo: Bjorn Opsahl


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Good ad speak for itself. Before i read any comment frm the creative, I have no idea what is it about... even after reading the creative comment, I still DOnt get what is it about.. Is it some kinda crash Dummy test for new snow board? yea.. expecially on newbie?

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nuclearshower, a good ad is an ad that attracts their target audiences.
Are you Norwegian? Are you a snowboarder?

Neither am i but i can see how this ad might work for people who are into that. Its no Cannes winner but im guessing this will work for the snowboarders.

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Ever seen Playstation?

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i'm a playstation user but seriously i don't think PS2 ads sell it to me...

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I snowboard once in a while, and it appeals to me. It's funny to think that indeed they make the good boarders. It has a form of truth. It's like saying China makes all the ping pong players, or Ferrari produces the drivers. Off course other places have good people. But its this kind of boldness and charming arrogance that suits the xtreme sports.

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

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Nice. You guys are too much rational.

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I think is essential for an ad to convey the message disregard any target audience.. But it shud be able to hit the right consumer. Advertising shudnt act like Morse code.

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Nice, but too much Playstation for me.

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I remember one TVC from asics were tha salesman placed an athlete inside the shoes... same idea i believe

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