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Or in this case, things easy to understand in a language that's hard to...So, so tired of seeing the "exploding WTC" motif in these news media self-promo ads. Just show a naked pair of tits already---it's nearly at that level of lurid look-at-meism.

Guest's picture

'pair of tits' my god you're smart.

I'm sure yet another crying american would look at those breasts, find a connection to the 'two towers' and start ranting about how everyone hates America and how they're personally still torn up about the attack and they knew people in the tower and nobody else has ever experienced such a tradgedy and... and... and ... and ... and ...

You all do realise that your kids won't give a fuck about it, right? That their kids won't even know about it, and their kids will be 'trying' to read about it in their history books and ... so it goes.

Find some meaning in your life instead of wallowing in national self pity and move on.

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I give a more then a crap about Pearl Harbor... and that was way before my time. The difference is... once we nuked the Japanese we quieted down over the whole thing. We have yet to have any proof of Osama's demise. Also in America everywhere you turn especially in September all of the media uses this motif

NicholeP's picture
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great idea nice execution

federo's picture
781 pencils

soo beautiful lines!!!!!! good concept, nice

GX's picture
146 pencils

Muy buena idea, excelente ejecución

AmOgodzzz's picture
826 pencils

WTF? Why did they think this would be a good idea at all? It's in bad taste and really cheap. Note to everyone: 9/11 ads, still not cool.

On a similar note, check out what the geniuses at the World Wildlife Fund approved recently:


It's even worse than this one.

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Note to idiotically named AmOgodzzz... how the holy fuck is this in bad taste and really cheap - it is a fucking event that fucking happened!
If you do not want to see anything ever about reality don't go online, don't watch TV, don't read newspapers, don't do 'anything' except be an idiot.
Wold wildlife fund 'approved ad'... yeah... good one, try going through all the threads on this site and trust me you'll find that entire discussion - again filled with Americans who simply do not live in the real world.

Javier Ramírez's picture
Javier Ramírez
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Si fuese para un reportero gráfico, cerraría perfecto.

Chief Creative Director Nexus BBDO

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Nice, really nice

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Muhammad Imran
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no more twin towers please...

Guest's picture

because they never existed? they're not news? everybody fully understands the events? its a newspaper discussing how you can find out more about such 'hard to understand' things. why are the twin towers innapropriate? what would be for you? it happened. why bury your head in the sand and try to pretend it never happened?
fuck, how depressing all of you 'don't use 911 / twin towers' people are.

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Enough of the 9/11 tragedy to hock your crap! This is insulting.

Guest's picture

Yet Hiroshima is somehow okay? More people died in that act than in 9/11... but... oh... yeah... it was caused by an American bomb.

Cool, dude, that's like okay then!

Just don't use 9.1.1 anymore you freedom hatin' non-Americans! Fuck, where's me gun so I can kill sometin foreign.

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there was such a nice day on 11/9/2001?
great day for a pique nique after all...

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Great art, bad idea. How are these things news in 2009?

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This is a very nice execution, I loved the art direction, for an old concept that have been used for many newspapers/magazines around the world. Reading what people say sometimes I just don't believe on what I read. 9/11 is not just two towers, it is much more deep, the same with the bomb tests that Korea and France did on the past and what it happened in Japan. When a newspaper try to make all that is behind some fact more understandable for the audience that is great. Probably people who believes that 9/11 is the greatest tragedy in the world, believes that US is the center of the universe.

Very good work BBDO Moscow!

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these are beautiful

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Creo que ya hemos visto demasiadas campañas con la storres gemelas. Hay mil ejemplos más para usar en esta campaña. Espero los hayan usado.

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excelente y sencillo... muy bien

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~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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