The Model Apartment: Living room

Welcome to The Model Apartment.
16w21 New York

Advertising Agency: Imagination, USA
Creative Director: Josh Rogers
Art Director: Will Dean
Photographer: Steve Hellerstein
Set & Production Design: Robert Pyzocha
Writer: Josh Rogers
Designers: Will Dean, Miho Nishimaniwa, Yazmany Arboleda
Producer: Sharon Mendelow, Kyle Boynton
Production Assistant: Katie Courson


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Apartments for fake plastic people? Hmmm... I'm not sure people are going to connect with these ads.

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| Everartz |

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Terrible. By far one of the worst campaigns from US. No star, I sacrifice one pencil ;-((


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It's different. I like it!

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Haaa come on, buddy! This ad is really bad! There is no idea whatsoever, other than showing a model apartment to illustrate.... a model apartment. And yet, I'm not sure of what they're selling here.

It totally looks like a first year student work! The AD is terrible, with this obnoxious blur effect and the lay out is all over the place!


No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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Sorry, mon ami. It's time for us to disagree on something. That's ok.

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Bid confuse. If without the TVC support, it just like some kind of Barbie doll ads.

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Only 1 word sums up this campaign...


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I don't believe that the client has paid for this... I am sure that since doing ads with toy models are getting popular, this people just wanted to have their own "toymodel campaign". Bet on it.

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