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tha last thing I want to think about when I eat, or at least, I don'd wanna think about it because an ad said so

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Paul Eveleigh
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Whoever came up with this must have had their hand on it.

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Couple of questions to the bloke who came up with this campaign:

1. The baseline says "the sexiest Italian food in town"
What in this layout supports that claim? Apart from a corny pun like Food & Fuck?

2. How does this silly Food & Fuck theory entice me to grab a bite at mmmmafia, when I already have numerous Italian food joints in my city?

3. Is there any benefit whatsoever that you are trying to sell here? If you say sexy food...what exactly do you mean?

Please go over these with a chilled pint, and think about it. We don't make ads for ourselves. We do it for a particular reason. I sincerely hope we all remember that.


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what is this shit doing up here? it's embarassing.

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oh guys, commenting gods!
If I had italian food joints all around, and I saw this poster/ad up somewhere, I would probably have a laugh and go there!
maybe dont be so fooding professional! the food/fuck thing probably isnt the most brilliant idea ever, but Ive rarely seen a food place advertise like this. I like the name, the logo, clean AD, hell i even like that claim for a while. and i bet the foods pretty good!

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italian pasta with an indian touch...I bet it's a F!#&...otherwise, I like my food tasty not sexy...the last time I had sexy food, I paid a looot of money for some very small dishes...
not impressed...a clean ad does not sell sexy. might sell food...aaand it looks a lot like the campaing that had the missing letters...damn forgot the product... the one with d... duck/dick...remember that one?

"U think it's perfect?! Press delete and start again!"

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Guest commenter

Adolescent interpretation and use of the terms sexy and f#$%. Even if sex and food do go together, there's a huge difference between dirty back alley imagery and sexy love making. This is back alley, and none appealing.

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in bad taste. no pun intended.

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Guest commenter

F!#& a new angle... please.

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This agency is just jerking off.

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You have got to be kidding. This is what happens when you drink and make ads.

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food can be sexy!!?...i don't want to keep both in the same basket!

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Oh please! This guy tried to do something else, and i think he did good. If i was to see this ad I would probably have a laugh and - and most important of all, I would remember it because i had to think for a second.. and the food looks great too!

If you guys dont believe that food can be sexy, you obviously never had a good traditional italian meal. However american take-away is not sexy.....

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I think the simple rule here is that if you're thinking of putting a ! and a # next to a ? in your headline, it's probably not gonna turn out to be a good ad, no matter how fabulous you think the rest of the communication points are.

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