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As a copywriter (and a Canadian) I think these ads are well done. Especially this one. I never knew German U-Boats got so close to our "home and native land" during WWII. Since the ad got me interested and taught me something without boring me in the process, I'd say it did its job quite well.

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As a copywriter (and as a Canadian) I think these ads are merely okay.

The copy on ad with the "$400,000" headline is just straight facts - the writing isn't interesting at all.
The copy on the other two, though cleanly written, just abruptly comes to an end. I found this somewhat awkward and expected a better payoff.

What I do like about these ads (from the copy of the two I prefer) is that they nicely tell a story.
I'm glad to see people doing long copy. It was very refreshing to read.

But if this ad was created for the sake of winning an award, do I think it's worthy?
Maybe locally.


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Very nice, very nice.

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Dig it. All three.

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