April 2008
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Advertising Agency: Trigger Communications, Calgary, Canada
Creative Director: Patrick Doyle
Art Director: Sabrina Kaun, Todd Blevins
Copywriter: David Delibato
Photographer: Jean Perron

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Copy_Can's picture

As a copywriter (and as a Canadian) I think these ads are merely okay.

The copy on ad with the "$400,000" headline is just straight facts - the writing isn't interesting at all.
The copy on the other two, though cleanly written, just abruptly comes to an end. I found this somewhat awkward and expected a better payoff.

What I do like about these ads (from the copy of the two I prefer) is that they nicely tell a story.
I'm glad to see people doing long copy. It was very refreshing to read.

But if this ad was created for the sake of winning an award, do I think it's worthy?
Maybe locally.