The Lowry: Three

Rock'n'Roll at the Lowry
Rock: A retrospective of Jane Bown's rock & pop portraits 1963 - 2005, now showing.

Advertising Agency: BJL, UK
Art Director: Gary Fawcett
Copywriter: Lisa Nichols
Photographer: Paul Moffat

December 2006


John Huerbert II's picture
John Huerbert II
44 pencils

telipili de mora de penini®
is the phrase that comes to mind when a see an elegent wooden floor such as in this advertisement. and i enjoy the minimilistic wall that dates back design nuevo mixed with cubism. although i wouyld have changed the shoe laces on the guys shoes. they throw me. there is too much emphasys on them. whats wrong with you people. who ties that kind of knot these days. get some class in your blood. peasents.

take it in easy. my poor people


Joe Harris's picture
Joe Harris
176 pencils

Dear Sir,

Some may find your banter meaningless and frivolous but I think they are very fascinating. And, what I mean by this is that a man of your pedigree and education should be able to make intelligent comments and actually spell correctly.

Joe Harris's picture
Joe Harris
176 pencils

Sadly, these skills seem to have avoided you. And while you maybe materially wealthy you are intellectually poor. And that my friend is the saddest of all.

Yours disrespectfully,

Joe Harris.

Disco Munky's picture
Disco Munky
3890 pencils

You're not funny.

Referencing different styles and artistic periods doesn't mean squat if you can't spell, read your spelling and correct it or be funny. There's an easier way to make friends. It's called -Not being a tool. Try it. It's fun.

I'm off to heed my own advise.

Doin' it for the points

Mo's picture
648 pencils

This stuff is funnny. Like it a lot. Cool. :-) . Not loving the execution though.

Boony wants a beer's picture
Boony wants a beer
380 pencils

Hahahaha. John Huebert II is awesome. Ridiculous comments but always entertaining.

slim's picture
1047 pencils

Not ground-breaking, but makes you smile.

I, too, find John Huebert II entertaining. Every village needs an idiot, as they say.

desailly's picture
470 pencils

Marquis de Sadest of all?

I think the man has a point.

Desi's picture
1052 pencils

Refreshing. JH 2, you are funny.

Disco Munky's picture
Disco Munky
3890 pencils

Nice. Bit obvious, but you need that sometimes to get everyone on the same page. Especially in advertising, no?

Doin' it for the points

pindaro's picture
524 pencils

I like this execution a lot more thant the others.

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