The JFK Library and Museum: Tweet, 3

Shake hands with JFK, 50 years later
Follow the campaign live on Twitter.
Use your QR code reader to directly access the JFK Twitter feed or visit

Advertising Agency: The Martin Agency, USA
Chief Creative Officer: John Norman
Creative Director: Joe Alexander
Art Director: Brian Williams
Copywriters: Joe Alexander, Wade Alger
Producer: Jenny Schoenherr
Art buyer: Cindy Hicks


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Reality Check
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The Martin Agency makes an interesting campaign out of an otherwise overdone speech-bubble approach.

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i dont like the textbox! this should be placed elsewhere

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i think it's there for the fact that that QR code IS jfk's (or at least the twitter campaign's) voice... you scan it and are taken directly to the content...

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I really like this. It's simple and stands out. good work.

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Brilliant. It's an interesting use of QR code in a speech bubble but I agree with ERROR404, the textbox is quite distracting.

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hahahaha excellent publicity!

I thought he was dead!!!!

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