The Indian Debating Union: Infrastructure

Shouldn't every Rupee designated for infrastructure go into infrastructure?
Corruption. Let's talk it out.

The Indian Debating Union is a pioneering and internationally acclaimed not-for profit social enterprise delivering exciting, relevant and inspiring debates and speeches to diverse audiences around the world.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Japan
Chief Creative Officer: Ajab Samrai
Creative Director: Federico Garcia
Art Director: Andy Fenning
Copywriters: Federico Garcia, Masahide Yoshimi, Tomoyuki Obata, Takenori Hashimoto
Illustrator: Andy Fenning
Published: April 2014


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NY Belfry
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Took me awhile to connect the dots. Nice, clean 3D art but at the same time, looks unfinished without the color.

Also, I don't think the trees were needed.

Again, not sure how well this will work. You have to think, but it does make sense once you get it.

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nice art and style but i must agree whats the idea with the grey material?

groovy baby!

feysal's picture
2421 pencils

i see the idea is also really cool the luxuries have been cut out of the essentials...pretty cool!

groovy baby!

Uduakabasi's picture
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i'm guessing the grey is in sync with the entire idea. the economy can't be colourful when the funds go elsewhere. its clean and it speaks.


chidi's picture
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fantastic illustration. IMO , the grey color tells a better story

kleenex's picture
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Solid idea.

TakAds's picture
178 pencils

Very good art, excellent idea, nice campaign.
It's well understood at first reading.

Congratulations Ogilvy Japan.

Marcao's picture
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Beautiful art, wonderful concept.

dave2001's picture
117 pencils

Great artwork. Message is done nicely.

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