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Diana Pérez
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Clever copy, just try to make it bigger!
caught my attention!

D.M. http://diana.carlosmadrigal.com

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Aja... so wat.

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Protest one works the best, but still not great for me. Not fully thought through.

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i liked that they actually had the red pencils with the text as giveaways.


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I agree with slim. This just doesnt seem thought out all the way.

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wow i like this a lot. simple and clear

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i like it a lot.
this is exactly what i have in mind before entering art school.

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iswanda82's comment helped me figure out what's wrong with this and the next one, and what's good about the protest one: seeing 'your idea' on a wall is all about fame and ego, whereas a protest sign (as one example) is all about actually affecting change with your ideas. It feels bigger than advertising, like it might actually affect the world in a powerful way.

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in germland those things are used for really badly executed posters at trainstations..for free adspace...they say: if you read this you might be our next costumer or great idea then put it right here...

they do this since at least the 90's or even the 80's and those posters are even trashier than trashy..so i agree with slim and so on..

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