The Gazette: Page

Advertising Agency: Bleublancrouge, Montreal, Canada
Creative Director / Art Director / Copywriter: Gaëtan Namouric
Published: September 2008


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So i guess this newspaper has a lot of pages.
And then a lot of news just like internet.
Am I Right?

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unclear messages

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just dumb

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Naitore Gitonga
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oh well

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Tha 86er

Personally I like this one the most. The idea has been executed in a simple yet effective manner. I'm guessing you guys have used google before...need I say more

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Guest commenter

yes please say more because it really is terrible. I don't want a newspaper that's like the internet. i'm in a very different place when I sit down to read a newspaper

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Guest commenter

This is a paper from my area, these ads were placed to advertise upcoming articles. It was all part of a large advertising campaign including televisions ads. Very well done when you know the context of the ads.

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