Big Deep

January 2012
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The Dubai music scene is barren at best. The Fridge is one of the only live, grassroots music venues filling this cultural-void. The Fridge needs to articulate their vision of building an underground music scene in Dubai and bring it to life without going mainstream. The posters created follow the feel of the venue: organic, approachable, down to earth. The raw look, the hand-drawn typography keeps the place safe from trend chasers. The ‘musical creatures’ invite people to ‘find music’ in the most unexpected place, maybe even a remote, industrial warehouse.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\RAAD, Dubai, UAE
Executive Creative Director: Milos Ilic
Copywriters: Milos Ilic, Deger Ozkan Cotelioglu
Advertiser's Supervisor: Shelley Frost
Account Supervisor: Ismail Al-Ghussein
Art Directors: Milos Ilic, Meghan Cabral
Illustrators: Milos Ilic, Meghan Cabral
Typographer: Milos Ilic

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I actually LOVE this spot, but could see how it would get lost on people who are not part of the musically inclined demo that marano mentions. Between the anteater dowsing for the note frequency and having a violin's f-hole, it's just very bizarre and cool. I would frame this and put it up in my home.