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Boony wants a beer
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What? More to Thuringia than sausages? Awesome illustrations, but...what?

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Day 5 at The German Idea Factory.

"Hey Dieter, come here! Watch this.
When I press Enter, this sucker's gonna go kaboooooom!!"

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Great illustration. Idea: weak!

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Claus Thaler
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This people are using sausages instead of computer screens? Would somebody please explain this ad? Should it show some kind of future vision?
BTW: The idea reminds me of the campaign for the Jewish Museum in Berlin, which used a claim like "not what you´ve expected" showing strange things replacing the normal object.

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Claus Thaler
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Oh my god, now I got it: This could be a very silly joke using the fact, that a special kind of sausage is called thuringa in germany. Am I right? And how low can you go? There are so many nice campaigns from DDB Berlin, but this one is really weak.

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You're so right. It's such a great agency but this ad ........ Btw: The ad for the Jewish museum sucked even bigger times...

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Claus Thaler
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I meant thuringia, not thuringa.

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Gerhard Glueck = 1
DDB Germany = 0

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How that hell can people not get this?!

They are saying that the place isn't all about sausages. They make computer screens, mp3 players
and whatever else as well.

The idea isn't great, but it ain't bad either.

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Gerhard did a very good illustration. thats all i can say.


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