The Fab Awards: Guy

It's worth the fight. 15th International Food and Beverage Awards 2013.

Stylist-make up: Bridget Lee
Post Production: Joanne Stubbs, Andy Gallacher

Advertising Agency: WCRS, London, UK
Creative Director: Billy Faithfull
Art Directors / Copywriters: Naz Nazli & Rob Welch
Photographer: Andy Gallacher
Designers: Tomek Drozdowski, Stein Olsen, Felipe Faúndez

May 2013


kleenex's picture
41162 pencils

hahaha I like.

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Meredith Singh
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Creative Directors all seem very willing to be in ads. Even mediocre ones.

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Andrej Troha
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Brilliant!! Eleven out of ten!

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easy solution greatly executed

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