November 2007

Print advertisment created by TBWA, Finland for The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, within the category: Other.

What would Jesus do?

Advertising Agency: TBWA\PHS Helsinki Oy, Helsinki, Finland
Art Directors: Mikko Torvinen, Ossi Honkanen
Copywriters: Antti Toivonen, Tommi Laiho

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love the whole campaign.

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i want the shirt

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The ad is great. But "we don't have a opinion yet" is fucking ridiculous. Burn all the churchs and their hypocrates!

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Disco Munky
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"..our tolerance is defined also by the members of the church..."

They should have pushed that angle more, it makes sense and could maybe get someone to go along who might not have originally.

Burning all the churches is the step right before you start burning books, and then people for writing books, then just people.

The root isn't the same as the effect of a problem, find that, then burn it if you must.

"Make a name, or be defamed"

Doin' it for the points

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I think that the copy is good... it conveys openness, and individuality.
@theanc - once you have an "opinion" the church considers it "canon". better that they never have an opion.

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"We don't care what you believe. Just give us your money."

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okay, you had me with that visual and I actually read the body copy.
too bad you're not coming outright with something as strong as "hey, we're okay with it," which would have been quite something for a church.

and to answer your question: jesus would have bagged that altarboy right there in the confessional. not everyone gets to go home with him, ya know.

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I think its brillaint! It's also brilliantly manipulative! But you can't fool me you Evangilical bigots! You still don't have an opinion on same sex relationships? Or do you have an opinion but refuse to say it until you manage to put the fear of Hell into the victims and buy their souls with a plate of rice?

Good work BTW. I'm not saying that the creativity behind this is bad. Just that if I were to do work for this church I would give a piece of my morbid mind to the padre!

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If you rely on the Bible then You know what to think. It's clearly stated there. But when You rely on human feelings, impressions and convictions WHY keep Your community still calling it CHURCH? Luther knew.

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the copy is brilliant. powerful but humble. direct but kind.
every word is right.

the kind of copy I'd love to write. congratulations to Antti and Tommi.