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13561 pencils

Love the idea and the layout. Copy, however, is not that fun to read; hence one star less.

crashandburn's picture
55 pencils

Agree. Great concept, but the handwriting is kinda confusing to read as well :/

skidcool's picture
18 pencils

Nice concept & good execution. However, the copy is a bit boring...

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Wadih A3
256 pencils

Clear, good and cheap. Good AD

Guile589's picture
12 pencils

I don t like

spacecowboy's picture
6 pencils

Someone seems to be envious ahah..
Good AD, I agree with Wadih A3.

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nacho movete
24 pencils

Good concept !!!

luispiter's picture
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jajaja i like it.... nice

alvinivanicko's picture
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Are u kidding guys? Good concept?
This is cool only if you KNOW ALREADY the english language. Otherwise, it's impossible to get the idea. So? Is this the first English school for people who know english already? Jejejeje.

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People who take part in the study tour have at least a basic knowledge of the language. that's also why the copy is simple, basic english. Our target has a smattering of the language. We've already had a positive feedback: 5 people joined in, after seeing the ad on AOTW. Thank you anyway for your comment.

alvinivanicko's picture
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So, are you talking to people who are ALREADY in the tour? Sorry but I do not get who's the target. So it is not coming out on newspaper or magazines? Is it the AOTW a media????????

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I too like it. Idea is good.

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