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good...very nice

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Very good.

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Are u kidding guys? Good concept?
This is cool only if you KNOW ALREADY the english language. Otherwise, it's impossible to get the idea. So? Is this the first English school for people who know english already? Jejejeje.

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Damn, you are right. So you turned me down, I liked it at first sight.

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People who take part in the study tour have at least a basic knowledge of the language. that's also why the copy is simple, basic english. Our target has a smattering of the language. We've already had a positive feedback: 5 people joined in, after seeing the ad on AOTW. Thank you anyway for your comment.

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Okay, you've persuaded me, so it's not a basic level training (you may write it somewhere on the ad).
Copy could have been even more simple by changing "stroll" to "walk", "rucksack" to "backpack" :)

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kinda like the art around here.. but weird! this is from italy X)

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start learning... stay in school - you'll be cool ;) anyone recalls?

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dzien dobry.. jak praca?

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@ alvinivanicko great observations! You're right, no way a non-english speaker, a.k.a. target audience, would ever be able to read this ad.

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