The Economist: Stories

Advertising Agency: AMV BBDO, London, UK
Executive Creative Director: Paul Brazier
Art Director: Paul Cohen
Illustrator: Paul Davis
Copywriters: Mark Fairbanks, Tim Riley


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Whilst this campaign looks great, it fails to blow my bone after all the great stuff in the past, although that angle had ran its course too.

We're going to need more lube.

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Pacific Blue
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Agree with every word that you say.

I think that when we see The Economist we wait for great stuff and smart lines.
That's why is so powerful brand.

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you agree it doesn't blow his bone?

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Disco Munky
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why?...why're we going there?

"Make a name, or be defamed"

Doin' it for the points

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That line is so obvious... and the visual is crap. I prefer the rubbish one...

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Mr. R
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the fact that the economist doesn't acknowlege cloud-cookoo land stories is an outrage. no wonder one of their branding colors is red...and look what they want to do to the world.

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Rubbish is best. Not sure about AD though.

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I like the Economist a little less after seeing these ads. Hope the ads aren't telling us where the future articles are going.

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bring back the glory days of Economist ads! Those worked just fine, why change a winning formula?

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Disco Munky
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All these ads are saying is that the Economist doesn't make up stories, selects the best stories to report on and that they try to balance each story to show the whole picture.

That's like a Doctor saying that he'll examine you and then prescribe treatment as best he can.

Basically they're saying that they do their job properly, which shouldn't be your selling point should it? You should be doing more to ensure that you are the best.

Or am I living in "cloud-cuckoo land"?

"Make a name, or be defamed"

Doin' it for the points

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I like the other two, this one is shit. The other ones talk about choosing the best stories and writing balanced articles, this one just says we don't make stories up. So what? Did a focus group write these?

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horrible art..
it made me sick...

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