The Economic Times: Recycle

The power of knowledge.

Advertising Agency: Mccann Erickson, Mumbai, India
Creative Director: Prasoon Joshi
Copywriter: Pk Anil
Art Directors: Kapil Tammal, Pramod Chavan, Sarbjit Roopra, Swati Goel, Sandesh Kambli
Photographer: Shekawat Hs Photography
Servicing: Shashank Lanjekar

December 2007


debu purkayastha's picture
debu purkayastha
84 pencils

what nonsense is this...
it can never turn into a credit /debit card ever!

all it will do is help you turn info into money.
that is what the power of knowledge is supposed to do.

this ad is so trite that i guess the guys should stop mauling the brand in such a manner.

really bad work!

tanvir hassan raju's picture
tanvir hassan raju
419 pencils

another nice prasoon joshi ad.....i like it


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