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No fixed abode
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Copy could be tweaked a little bit. Niceish but not great. Love the Sin City illustration though.

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Come on It`s not a copy its a genre in illustration,It`s a comic strip.

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viral fever
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cool and comic stuff. great execution for a comic book shop

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I like it. But I think Ivan posted few days ago another campaign from this Bookshop. If I rememeber well, the concept was: "Criminal kind it's only a matter of respect". Maybe it's just my taste, but I think that campaign was great and this one it's just good.

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nice a bit involved tho... i guess book lovers do need to be involved... cool!

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Boony wants a beer
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Kickarse illustrations.

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Love this one. When I did my book I took Frank Miller's strips, changed the dialogue and made an ad. Those were the days.

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