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Activity Score 3647

I thought the time of stale web icons had passed in ads, but I was wrong. With that said, this brought a smile to my face.

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Activity Score 492

i agree, i was ready to hate this ad when i saw the little icon, but it's kinda nice. not breakthrough or anything, but not bad.

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Activity Score 6692

jey! really nice stuff

LoveSounds's picture
Activity Score 125

... pirate copy of bible? (Ukraine) just joking :-D 3/5

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hey this is a nice ad

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Activity Score 266

nice idea

Maxwedge's picture
Activity Score 558

Brainy stuff.

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Activity Score 88

I'm kinda like this ad, idea not new but nice to add in computer hand icon :)

Rog's picture
Activity Score 6082


>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Activity Score 83

haha love it!

Wilhelm's picture

Nice to see you people like it, but no comments about the ugly type...


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Activity Score 196

how can someone call helvetica "ugly type"?

добро пожаловать и наслаждается!
The Prozac Republic®

добро пожаловать и наслаждается!
The Prozac Republic®

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Activity Score 1093

I agree, It´s ugly.

If It´s the only text you are going to show, you should choose something better, not that common typo. (Should be better placed in the down right corner)

Nice idea.

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Activity Score 458

It made me smile!

The concept is only as good as the execution.

ks's picture

make smile in face
nice ad

Petrelli's picture
Activity Score 6

is the Church agree? Popa is agree?

sherman's picture
Activity Score 153

the whole thing is cute.
typography should be done better.

itch's picture
Activity Score 806

damn!! this idea is way too good!

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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dew drops
Activity Score 90

nice idea

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Activity Score 25

this is a very touchy..idea


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Activity Score 116

Ummm...nice...puts a smile on my face.

Now... inspire me!

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Activity Score 50

nice and simple

food4thought's picture

What the F#%*. Critique influx - denied. Simply bloody marvelous! SFX: Heavy hooting accompanied by fanatical cheering*

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Activity Score 392

I like....
Btw why is it called the creation of Adam?

sherman's picture
Activity Score 153

this is a very famous printing by michaelangelo called the creation of adam.
the original picture is god touching adam's finger in order to give strength to him.

Jet Propulsion Lab's picture
Jet Propulsion Lab
Activity Score 10679

God is telling Adam to pull his finger. And of course, Adam being so naive, he totally falls for it. We all know what happens next...

True story.

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Activity Score 1093

Thats the real reason why paradise ended... a super divine fart.

patanjali bhati's picture
patanjali bhati
Activity Score 12

really nice... a break thru in true sense... plus it focuses on the target audience.. anyone havin to do wit a bible is sure to understand this ad.. nice .. but i sure think d typeface cud have been more ingeniously used..pertaining to some biblical font or somethin like that.

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it's cute. how about having the hands and arms coming in diagonally? there's a movie coming out called "The Ten" (i think), check out the poster. Adam is pulling God's finger.

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Activity Score 765

even though i thought "not another ad with the little hand pointer", when i saw it i found it really funny, hehe. cool.

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muy bueno

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