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How does he get his fingers through the holes???? Does this bother no one?!

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It's 5 pin. Those balls don't have holes.

Plus it's the kind of bowling old people like.

Seems the creative team already thought of that.

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he just kicked it!!!!

it doesnt matter though , the thing is idea is good

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He must've used his hind leg, though, since his other one is holding his cane. If he's not going to let the fact that he has no fingers stop him from bowling, he sure as shit isn't going to let a stupid cane ruin his fun!

This is a tired concept with bad copy and even worse art. And I wonder how the animals would feel about being referred to as meat - weather live or dead. "Let meat live"? That's an awful line.

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All ears
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I'm sorry I don't like these. That looks like a fury penis anyway.

What's this for anyway?

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