The Breast Cancer Cure Research Trust: Cure car

1000 car washes
How will you raise your $1000 to stop breast cancer in its tracks?
Kiwis everywhere are taking part in this $1000 Challenge. So what will you do to raise a thousand dollars for breast cancer research? You and your friends could cycle a thousand kilometres and be sponsored a dollar a kilometre. It's time to get into it. We don't care if you do a bake off, or cycle a thousand kilometres. It's all in the name of finding cure within 9 years. It's ambitious, but together we'll find a cure. For more ideas and to register visit

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New Zealand
Via: the inspiration room


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surprisingly average copy from S&S NZ. but the art rocks.

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Yeah, the art.

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no not the art...

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breast cancer in a retro style!
good art but im not sure about the copy

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