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burnhard's picture
Activity Score 395

unexpected for sure.

the mighty ham's picture
the mighty ham
Activity Score 94

Funny. I bet it achieved zero cheese sales, but still funny.

The line needs work - very clumsy.

Disco Munky's picture
Disco Munky
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I don't know a great deal about cheese. What's the idea?

That the cheeses are so smelly they'll keep this boxer conscious?

nice, I'll spread that on some bread right now, then go play in traffic.

Doin' it for the points

rupert james's picture
rupert james
Activity Score 24

Scam. No client would buy this.

kre8's picture
Activity Score 989

the word 'its' shouldnt be used twice in the same sentence. ever.

slim's picture
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What about "It's not the size, it's what you do with it that's important"?
Or "It's nothing personal, it's just business"?

Strange ad. Don't you buy cheese for the taste and in spite of the smell. Even the most hardened cheese-lover couldn't possibly enjoy some of those fragrances.

teenie's picture
Activity Score 1894

I think the line has just been lost in translation - the original probably reads more like "You'll recognize a good Camembert by its smell." Either way, it's kind of dull. Does a real Camembert smell so awful it would revive a boxer? We're talking about a rich, double-cream cheese, not one of those cheeses that smells like old socks. I think there's a disconnect here.

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hell ! you have no idea of how smelly camenbert can be. Figure out a forgoten T-shirt in your bag, which is in it since 2 weeks after an intense squash session. The smell can just kick you out of your shoes. It's a mix of sweat , feet moisture, dead cat and what ever smells. Therefore, the odor could wake a boxer up.
Funny visual consediring this.
I like it.

addyhoch10's picture
Activity Score 2592

man, what you just described would rather knock me out. like for good.

very unfunny joke. and very atypical for DDB paris!

fractalrene's picture
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kinda naive, isn't it?

Vicky's picture
Activity Score 375

Kind of LAME...

MarceloG's picture
Activity Score 820

Horrible. Who would wanna buy this?
In God I trust

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quien compraria un producto que smell bad !!

"Aquí también se opina en español y em português".

Vicky's picture
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Pues la verdad si es cierto que hay clases de quesos que mientras más apestan son más ricos, pero debe haber mejores maneras, que esta, de abordar el tema.

En fin, esta bien que el producto apeste, pero no su publicidad.

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Chinese has a type of food call "smelly-tou-fu" which is very smelly that i usually will keep myself away from it for 10 miles....but, still people love eat.

i have a friend that will turn into green face when smell cheese, just normal cheese that we eat happily.
so i guess, somebody will want to buy this :).

mrtalented's picture
Activity Score 2171

bad retouch. the boxer and background look very grainy while the guy in the foreground is not.

smelly, cheesy concept.

Menomena's picture
Activity Score 52

It smells fake

credosian's picture
Activity Score 273

nice 'IDEA'. Bad 'AD'.

end of story.

Be awesome :)

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