The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel: Bottle

What will your message in a bottle be? That you landed your first tarpon? Came face to face with a manatee? Or simply that you fell in love all over again and won't be returning home anytime soon?

Advertising Agency: BVK, Milwaukee, USA
Creative Director: Gary Mueller
Art Director: Scott Krahn
Copywriters: Gary Mueller, Ross Lowinske
Photographers: Jason Lindsey, Jeff Salzer
Other additional credits: Connie Casdia, Victoria Simmons, Mary Delong
Retoucher: HacJob
Published: January 2008


ManchuChanchu's picture
701 pencils

This campaign is pure visual delight. beautifully finished items

Krys's picture
28 pencils

Amazing campaign

Jonra's picture
43 pencils

Nice work guys. Being from an agency that does a lot of this kind of work, this campaign makes me want to slap myself a few times.

crappywriter's picture
7 pencils

nice THINKOGRAPH...hihihi...

dude, a simplier copy wud hav been fantabulous..

Guest's picture

Hadn't seen this ad before, this is the best, even better then the jar. love the sunset....!

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