Thailand Yellow Pages: Roundabout

Advertising Agency: Creative Juice\G1, Bangkok, Thailand
Executive Creative Director: Thirasak Tanapatanakul
Art Directors: Thirasak Tanapatanakul
Copywriter: Wuthisak Anarnkaporn


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wow i really dont get it

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neither do I, someone pls explain!

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all houses are yellow because they're listed in the yellow pages? Am I right? That's f***ing boring man!

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Great for the Visaul..not the idea!

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Have Heart
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The most fucked up idea from Creative Juice\G1 ever.

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the whole thing is made up of pieces of paper from the yellow book,

Strip. Strip. Strip.

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sorry.....dont understand :(

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On the one hand I'm glad they had the balls to do something like this. It say's a lot about an agency that will produce something that could totally miss. On the other it does totally miss, i don't get it at all.

Still, I would rather make a mistake, than not run something that I believe in.

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can someone tell me why there is a credit for a copywriter?

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don't be such a client.

(that said, I don't get this ad at all.)

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Umber Jamber
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Wow, if you're asking that question, I can only guess you've never worked in an agency before. Or only really bad ones.

Let me break it down for you.

The creative team (AD and CW) concept off of a brief and come up with an idea together. This idea could be all copy, all visual, or anywhere in between. Everything starts with an idea and that idea starts with a team.

Does that help explain why a CW is on the credits?

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writers wrule.

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Sure, this ad shows me how many businesses there are in yellow pages. Awesome. I already knew that. It communicates no product benefit, tells me nothing new and has absolutely nothing resembling a call to action. It's not even that pretty. Maybe it's actually a city made of banknotes, to depict all the money that was wasted producing this silliness.

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there is so much chaos yet there isn't if you just look it up in Yellow pages, how do you find wjhat you want? look in the yellow book

Strip. Strip. Strip.

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i dont know. is this supposed to mean the roundabout is the centre of everywhere? like comparing the yellow pages to the roundabout, are they saying you can locate everywhere from the roundabout????????????

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