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These are weird for an iron. First of all, leaving a mark is not a desirable thing when ironing clothes. Secondly the garment depicted on this specific one is a sport shirt which is typically made of lycra or something synthetic that requires no ironing. Thirdly, wrinkles are in!


I think, therefore... yeah.

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It think the overall idea is a bit complicated but not bad. "you look better if your clothes are ironed". People will probably get that.

But who the f•ck irons their t-shirts?

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Why is the word "Homely" in with the positive adjectives? Homely literally means the opposite of good looking.

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Homely in the UK means good Homey feeling, so perhaps in Canada it means something else as well?

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I was indeed going for the neat/clean/domestic ("homey" if you will) approach with that one, but thanks for the catch Natalie.

Thanks for all the comments and feedback so far!

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