Tesco: Economy v Excess

Advertising Agency: Arena Media, London, UK

August 2012


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even looking at this ad takes too much work

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i must agree...very tiring...but the content if you do read it is awsome.

groovy baby!

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The greatest ad in the world could be hiding in here somewhere.

Shame I'll never know as my brain hurt after looking at it for 10 seconds.

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Testament to the flightiness of audiences that even the professionals take less than 2 seconds to decide it's too much work. This will not be the new flowchart, nor will it be the new long-copy ad BUT, if this was a centre-spread in a broadsheet newspaper, or even a UK tabloid, I'm pretty sure it would get some attention.

Shame the agency didn't deign an AOTW audience worthy enough of any morsel of information more than their glorious piece of *auto*mated flowchartery lest we decide for ourselves.

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Hi CuriousPencil,

This is actually a kind of digital ad, an infographic. I sent AOTW a description and rationale for it, but they didn't publish it. I also followed up with another email and they never got back to me. I also told them it was published online, so I don't know why they've stuck it under print. Here is an explanation of the graphic:

TescoCompare.com wanted to find out if status really trumps performance when it comes to cars. They took over 60 of the most popular cars on the market and compared them by performance, price, and cost per mile to find out if some of the most desirable cars had cheaper and better performing competitors.

This research was then visualised to show the vast differences in price and performance between economy and status cars, and explores the question: what price status?

You can find the original published here: http://www.tescocompare.com/infographics/economy-excess.shtml

Hope that clears things up! Any other questions please feel free to ask.



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This looks more like a wall hanging than an ad.

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George Souza
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This is not an ad.

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