Tesa: Bush

Are you going to ask that question with shades on? For the viewers there’s no sun.
George W. Bush, addressing a blind reporter during a press conference.
The world needs a tape like this.

Advertising Agency: Heads Propaganda, Curitiba, Brazil
Creative Director: Kike Borell
Art Director: Paulo de Almeida
Copywriters: Gustavo Frare, Isis Ribeiro
Photographer: Nuno Papp

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hahaha I like this one :D

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Luis Maram
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Brilliant. Although I think Bush has a collection of BIG MOUTH mistakes.

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hahaha funny. he has a big mouth no doubt, but i guess this was one occasion when he really needed a tape on his mouth.Dumb fuck. I guess he can use the tape on his eyes as well, so that he does not wink at the queen.

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Oh yay! The 147th anti-Bush ad on Ads of the World. What ever happened to originality in advertising?

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Luis Maram
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Oh, Come on! It's just fun... By the way, I could laugh 148 times...

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The only thing funny here is how alleged ad critics on this site are willing to completely ignore one of the fundamental tenets of good advertising, that being ORIGINALITY, simply because they share the same political biases as this ad. Quite pathetic really. I realize reflexive Bush bashing is quite trendy and you're simply participating in a herdlike mentality common among humans, but it's really no excuse. This ad is horribly unoriginal and just plain bad.

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It looks like bad photoshop to me!!

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Hmmm... I don't really understand the message. So the world needs more red tape?
But I really liked the way of getting the Tesa logo into the advert. That's almost subliminal!

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very good execution I think... and I am fed up seeing this man everywhere... but the idea is good...

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this one i like

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For me, this is the one that works best because it has a fact that pays the quote off. Like in the Chavez one, it would have been better if after the quote saying he´s a democrat they would throw the fact that he´s been in power for how many years.

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George Bushit


I like it, but once again, is there anything to do with the 'red tape'?
Or could it be blue for instance?

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too good!

Cannes material!

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This would have worked better if it was selling duct tape.

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Globalization o...
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so cool

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Il fallait bien un adhésif de cette qualité pour le faire taire...

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Speaking of George W. Bush:

George W. Bush committed hate crimes of epic proportions and with the stench of terrorism (indicated in my blog).

George W. Bush did in fact commit innumerable hate crimes.

And I do solemnly swear by Almighty God that George W. Bush committed other hate crimes of epic proportions and with the stench of terrorism which I am not at liberty to mention.

Many people know what Bush did.

And many people will know what Bush did—even to the end of the world.

Bush was absolute evil.

Bush is now like a fugitive from justice.

Bush is a psychological prisoner.

Bush has a lot to worry about.

Bush can technically be prosecuted for hate crimes at any time.

In any case, Bush will go down in history in infamy.

Submitted by Andrew Yu-Jen Wang
B.S., Summa Cum Laude, 1996
Messiah College, Grantham, PA
Lower Merion High School, Ardmore, PA, 1993

I am not sure where I had read it before, but anyway, it is a linguistically excellent statement, and it goes kind of like this: “If only it were possible to ban invention that bottled up memory so it never got stale and faded.” Oh wait—off the top of my head—I think the quotation came from my Lower Merion High School yearbook.

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Very good!
Brasileiro com orgulho!

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tanvir hassan raju
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lolz...very good copy...like it...


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