Terre Solidaire: Calcutta

This is not a legless cripple from Calcutta.
This is a defender of rights of untouchables.
Poorer countries deserve more than our outdated stereotypes.

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG C&O, Paris, France
Creative Directors: Olivier Moulierac, Jérôme Galinha
Art Director: Catherine Labro
Copywriter: Capucine Lewalle
Production: Corinne Dutoit-Costa
CCFD Managers: Pierre Laurent, Yann- Patrick Bazire
Agency Managers: Agathe Bousquet, Benoit Lozé, Brune Buonomano

February 2010


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Good copy.

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i don't like the idea of 'poorer country deserving more' support. somewhere i find the conscience being forced on guilt.
Second, to me, it portrays a city who cannot help himself and stands parallel to places wrought. Man, this is the city of joy. I hail from this city koltata and I'm sure the city is full of vibrance and life. None would love the pity mongering line or the depiction of a helpless.
Nice art work though.


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life is a playground

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India is not a poor country now :) But obviously some place still very very very poor am sorry about it:)

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i like it good copy

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Somehow, it sounds too patronizing. And i think this would be much, much better if they had real people in the ads instead of illustrations. It would be so much more effective if we saw a real person crippled because he stood up for something. One just can't warm up to a reality when it's illustrated!


Not all who wander are lost.

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I like it. The ad fights against the stereotypes... and the message is clear. It is far more achieved than most of the ads I usually see in magazines.

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