Terra Travel: Architect

Catch your breath.
Terra Travel.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Sergio Valente
Executive Creative Director: Sergio Valente
Creative Directors: Guilherme Jahara, Marcelo Reis, Cassiano Saldanha
Art Director: Gustavo Victorino
Account Executives: Ricardo Zanella, Karen Fuoco, Camila Gertner
Copywriter: Otavio Schiavon
Photographer: Fernando Zuffo


thedavesiknow's picture
167 pencils

Love the approach, but the green water feels 'swampy' and uninviting.

MindDrift's picture
1148 pencils

Love it. But what if my idea of a holiday is scuba diving? :)

stewart76's picture
234 pencils

Agree.. green water...

Glut's picture
3947 pencils

nice work, interesting

sami koofiani's picture
sami koofiani
51 pencils

Very very good idea...

Sami Koofiani

Amigo da Onça's picture
Amigo da Onça
3 pencils

Who you go call? Ghostbusters!

Kidding! Great stuff.

blueturtles's picture
239 pencils

i love the idea/metaphor behind this. from an art pov, color theory and final art should be explored more.

elysiayuen's picture
2 pencils

Does anyone know where this ad first appeared? (i.e. a newspaper, magazine, etc?) Thanks!!!

Phil Indeblanc's picture
Phil Indeblanc
50 pencils

I also agree with the water color,too murky green. Also the pants are too dark. It's all you see at first glance. Bubbles are a bit cut/paste quality. I like the idea a lot. it is original and still works even if you are a diver :-)

Martijn.'s picture
74 pencils

Like the idea

ladybug2535's picture
78 pencils

The biggest criticism I have is that the human figure (and the accessories in the water) could be larger. That would make it easier to identify what he/she/it is and what they are supposed to represent. Actually the island could be larger as well. Admittedly the ad will be larger in most print applications, but they still seem too small. Other than that the ad is very effective in getting it's message across. People are literally drowning in their work, and vacations allow them to come up for air. Effective concept.

mattyson's picture
3 pencils

So what about the travelers that don't know how to swim? This ad doesn't look too inviting to me, I like water but I never learned to swim, the thought of deep water scares me even now.

angeyates's picture
127 pencils

very very killer concept

horaceschultz@gmail.com's picture
17 pencils

Love your approach, love it, art direction could use some help though

Samson Muthiah's picture
Samson Muthiah
360 pencils

really coooool one .


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