Terminix: Glass

Some would rather do it themselves.

Advertising School: VCU Brandcenter, Richmond, VA, USA
Art Director: Michael Griffith
Copywriter: Lane Karczewski

December 2009


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I like this concept, but the copy could be better. Also, if that's a cockroach it doesn't make sense; they're waterbugs. Just put another insect in there and you're good.

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last time I saw a coacroach scuttle across my kitchen, it wasn't swimming. Cockroaches aren't water bugs..this ad works well and the line with it.

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While it's debatable if they're technically water bugs or not, the below fact alone is enough for them to need to change it.

"In one experiment, cockroaches were able to recover from being submerged underwater for half an hour."


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liked the overall concept

this one stands better than other


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