Telia: Save, 3

Save the ones you love. Digital photo backup with Telia broadband.

Advertising Agency: Storåkers McCann
Art Director: Henric Almquist
Copywriters: Hanna Belander, Martin Johanssen
Photographer: Anderas Ackerup

September 2008


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you have to look at all three before commenting

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Guest commenter

looks stupid

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Okay, I looked at all three.

This one not only makes the most sense of the bunch, it's also the only one with sufficient self-standing message to sell the job. #3 with the littered photo on the ground? Tell me what ad agency would go through the rigamarole of getting permissions from the city, the street department, and the bus stop company for something like that. The second just looks like an ad that's been out there too long, and we see so many of those that it doesnt have the effectiveness.

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I think for #3, the 'litter' is still stuck to the billboard so there shouldn't be any issues with clearance.

Not fantastic grade, but somewhat better than gluing nickels on the pavement.

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Renan Correa
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