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Ok, so you keep track of the page, but loose all the text. This says that this GPS works halfways, you find the street but not the number.

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that's not true at all. the ad suggest to make extremely clear what's really important in a gps: your position. it does not say anything else.

I would have included a packshot (because it's a gps and screen size kinda matters) but it's still a fairly good ad.

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Soup Nazi

Eldeadevis don't be so "literal". I agree a small image of the device, perhaps with logo on screen would have helped (or put the client's mind at ease). Otherwise nice execution of the idea specific to the medium.

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Jaap Grolleman
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this is genius but yeh add bit more info like a photo of product.

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quite like it...nice take.

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I like this. Just simple

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Quite a nice idea. But its been done before many times. You are now here campaign for garmin springs to mind.

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