Telenet: Cyborg

Faster online gaming.

Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume
Creative Directors: Katrien Bottez, Peter Ampe
Copywriter: Tom Berth
Art Director: Geert De Rocker
Account handling: Eveline Vincke, Sylvie Verbruggen
Strategic Planner: Tom Theys
Media Planner: Davy Caluwaerts
Art Buyer: Ingrid Deuss
Print Producer: Ingrid Deuss
Retouching: Pixco Antwerpen / The Living Room
Graphic designer: Pixco Antwerpen / The Living Room

November 2009


Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
6992 pencils

Hehe, great ;p I'm sure computer kids will get it.

tirthomitro's picture
2758 pencils


they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

JobstVonHeintze's picture
65 pencils

Like the unusual combination of a typical ingame graphic screenshot with the actual message of the client. Nice one.

pierrelastname's picture
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Marlus Lau's picture
Marlus Lau
1808 pencils

Idea = thumbs up.

Execution = crap.

kylestebbins's picture
77 pencils

too forced.

robot > game
status bar > speed

robot carrying status bar > faster game?


Guest's picture

Poor execution - yes. Forced, not that much.

Your logic is flawed: I thnk the idea is that you can't fire, because it doesn't stream right(slow internet), ergo the loading bar, and not a shotgun. Kids should dig it.

To the point - the modeling is bad, the environment is ugly and the textures- repetitive. Overall the visual is not exciting or dramatic. Could we have an advancing enemy, suggesting the urgent need for a better internet connection?

silvi's picture
4172 pencils

I don´t think this is forced. Only execution is weak. Idea is good.

munirgee's picture
454 pencils

IDEA IS GREAT!!!!!! I love it...

ranggamus's picture
53 pencils

I agree with Dzsoi, i'm an online war gamer myself, it's true. The idea is brilliant. But yes, the execution is crap, considering the online games now has a great 3D quality so eventhough the target is kid, for example, they do understand which artwork is good and which one is not, and this one is crap.

bobby666's picture
1460 pencils

ok stuff. nothing great.

bobby666's picture
1460 pencils

ok stuff. nothing great.

mcfly's picture
50 pencils

Great idea and a great execution.

Don't listen to the no-bodies who don't get the art direction - it is right.

Less is more. If it was a busy image then the idea would be lost.

rolling.stone's picture
2740 pencils

there is more to net than just gaming

they could have done it through other routes too


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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