Telefonica: Turkey & Sweden

The lowest call rates to Turkey & Sweden

Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam, Argentina


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couldn't the eyes be a little less bloodshot? hahaha

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Is that the turkish or the sweedish blood?

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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hey, that is something.
global tought, congratulations.

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mmmhhhhh. what ever.

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This is not a global thought. All of the Turkish people won't seem like Osama Bin Laden style. The fundamentalist part is exactly just like that. Long beards etc. If Y&R do the right job, they must learn what Turkish people seems like.

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drunk dave
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And all Swedes don't have oiled down short hair. That's why it's a stereotype of both groups so you can get the message immediately. Don't be so sensitive, they're not commenting on the type of people, just that the two countries have completely different looks.

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Ohh god. Before creating something with the nations, people and cultures try to learn more about them man. Cuz this doesn't fit into Turkish people sterotype. This is nothing more than the visual in you head. Your imagination. For your further works I can give you a few hints....which can be usefull for you.

Hints: In Turkey people don't travel with the camels.
In Turkey people don't use flying carpets for mass transportation.

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I agree. I've been to Turkey many times and the beard is not typical at all. Thick mustache yes, beard no.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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cool stuff!

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completely a stereotyped ad. we are not look like osama or any kind of Arabic.. come for vacation................... more research
less reaction.

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drunk dave
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Nobody is commenting about the japanese/scots etc. stereo type. Why? Damn those evil looking scots, japs and swedes.

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this is fantastic

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Wich part is Turkish? dont mix to Turkish and Kurdish..

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There is nothing about Ads. If you are an agency, you have to know what you are doing correctly. No correct information, No acceptable artwork!

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Super Muhtar
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Sad story to learning one of the famous agencies working with a low cultured creative team.

While this ad trying to take some attention to its target audience, it makes a negative impression in all Turkish audience and more.

Also while creative team thinking that Osama Bin Laden is a common stereotyped for Turkish people, Im sure its really hard to find someone with this beard.

There are approximately 3.5million Turkish people are living outside of the Turkey. In this case I think Turkish market is also important for your client.
Because of weak research about your target groups Y&R gives a bad reputation to his brand Telefonica at least for its Turkish audience.

I'm pretty sure that Y&R creative team could use at least google...

By the way google this too pls "how americans see the world"..

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