Tele2: Three piggys

Miraculous Deal
Bring three of your friends to Tele2 and get a fabulous Nokia 5730 for free.

Advertising Agency: Newton Marketing, Tallinn, Estonia
Creative Director: Peeter Pullerits
Art Director: Marek Murumets
Designer: Anne Vahermaa
Copywriter: Anti Naulainen
Photography: Kalle Veesaar
Account Manager: Silver Koppel

July 2010


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If I bring my six dwarfs will I get 2 Nokia for free ?

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If they would've only left the cape out of the picture. Funny nevertheless !

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if they would've just left the cape out of this. Funny and nice nevertheless!

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i can't even spell my name without 'ad'

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If the Photoshop is supposed to be super-terrible looking - you have succeeded with Honors & Distinction.

anujghimire's picture
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Great concept. Could do more on execution

raven's picture
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not bad idea, bad art direction.

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art direction is funny and works perfectly for the concept.

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Why don't you guys show some example on how it should be done then. Apart from a great idea here in the Netherlands Tele2 markets its products are born to be cheap so a touch of shoddyness is perfectly in line with that :)

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