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524 pencils

terrible photo and art direction.

Ney Frances's picture
Ney Frances
660 pencils

terrible and that´s all!

is there life before death?

elmikel's picture
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I can't help myself but I don't think that this is executed so terribly...
This purple execution has something in it...It goes with the bubblegum.

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Dick Huges
937 pencils

I am sorry south african that work in ireland creatives. But your idea sucks.

Rabubi's picture
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You have an amazingly fitting first name, Mr Huges

everartz's picture
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maybe placing this balloon next to a girl's mouth can improve it more... whats wrong with the ads these days?

| Everartz |

teenie's picture
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That's not what I thought the ad was about at all when I saw the thumbnail...

ellehcimeo's picture
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me neither. it rather makes me feel uncomfortable that a primarily children's gum would have imagery like this in it. poor form. i know it's supposed to show that the tape gum is long, but it just looks like a dong. a big purple twisted up dong.
but, maybe my mind is in the gutter, it is the day before Valentines' after all.

drizae's picture
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It is pretty phallic looking

Fail Harder.

msred's picture
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omg i thought the same as well. so disturbing how dirty minded we all are.

addyong's picture
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Like condom ad...

Davosk's picture
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Extra large for......... sorry... no coment.

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Jane, get dat long schlong outta ya mouth. ya jyust like ya mother, you .....

Rabubi's picture
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I kinda like the campaign. I reckon you guys are being far to cynical.

mariayya's picture
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there´s an idea here... but I´m not sure it´s very good in itself, and it´s definitively unclearly executed... it´s either the balloon animal solo or coming out of a kid´s mouth, I think, the arms of the girl are not a useful reference.

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"too" cynical Mr Copywriter

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would be nice with cleaner AD

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