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I was under the impression Bailey Lauerman already claimed this ground with their work that was in Archive for the Smithsonian last year...

mikelite's picture
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yes, but originality isn't a requirement for most places.

firat's picture
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I think you are talking about these ads.

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I can't see your link - its not loading. Anyone got another link? These ads actually reminded me a little of the ogilvy ads with numbers written to look like signatures or something like that... memory fuzzy... long day.

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These are executed better than the Smithsonian. The signature actually looks illustrative as opposed to just being an extension of the signature.

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You arguably have a point, but I can't take a great idea and execute a little better and call it my own great work.

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Despite all the previous goings on...
Cool thought.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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this idea was done in an ad competition called "beyin firtınası" (brain storm) in Turkey and Kurcebe Turgul who was in the jury and who is also the president of Medina Turgul DDB, seems to have adopted it.

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I don't think the idea's been copied. First of all the previous ads were never well know enough and secondly how many have we come up with ideas that's been done before.

These ideas are atleast for a real breif. Well done.

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"what's the limit for being 'well known enough' ?", one would ask.
i think it's a matter of self respect and self esteem. not just practicality.

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archive is pretty well known. i'd say it's a blatant copy.

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Todos los creditos se hacen con una firma, luego de haber pasado todas las evaluaciones.

No veo ningun beneficio relevante con este banco. Y la ejecucion grafica es pobre.

"no silencies lo que no sabes expresar".

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Me gusta, y que bueno que alguien escriba en español. Bien Punch

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Sí, pero el beneficio es super directo: firmas y listo. Me gusta la ejecución.
Well done!

Digital Integration Director of McCann Santiago

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I love it... simple and creative.. looks fresh.

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