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Activity Score 439

What is this please?

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shekhar zinge
Activity Score 149

loo king for job. bye the way good one

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Activity Score 1894

I don't quite get these.

Is it to hire new recruits?
A competition?
Why is S4S doing ads for W&K?
Where's the &^*%& call to action?

Maybe it's just a local thing.

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Activity Score 439

Yeah, totally really confusing, It's like the Di Vinci Code.

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Activity Score 3647

I applaud the effort, but a little lame.

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Activity Score 256

Makes no sense.

You fail.

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Why in the world would Ivan post these? It's a student thing and just a moronic idea. For those who don't get it, Wieden and Kennedy were holding an open call for people to submit their portfolios doing whatever they please. The deadline was Jan.1 but apparently got extended to the 15th. This guy's idea is for people to submit their ideas to him so he can turn them in as his own and he'll give them credit at some point in time. Not only is it a really really lame idea but the deadline for the call has come and gone.. Why are these on here?

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Sorry if you didn't like it. I though it was an interesting spin.

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dear boyoboyyourewrong,

I appreciate your long-winded explanation, but you are wrong.

If you care to rectify the situation by sharing an idea instead of getting angry about ads being on an advertising website, do so here:

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??? absolutely vague n waste of efforts

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Actually S4S reading your site, it seems boyoboyitsfun is absolutely right. Your 'brilliant' idea is to use someone else's. Surely if someone comes up with something worthy of a job at W+K they should get the job, not the ad-broker?

Or are you planing to keep them on a retainer if you get a job so that they can keep feeding you more brilliance?

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thank you for reading the site, but I encourage you to do so again. I clearly state that I will be rewarding one clever thinker with a shout out or props, if you will, in a future something I do someday. No monetary reward. No retainer. No relations. No tagging along. Just a good old fashioned name drop in something great that I write someday.

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Sounds like they'll be waiting a long, long, long time for that name drop.

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Sounds like you don't like to share.

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a generous assessment would be as follows: atrocious.

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Activity Score 20

goooood ,i like it,though i don't know what they say

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