Oven manual

March 2008

Print advertisment created by Y&R, United Arab Emirates for Tea forte, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

"A literary debate over a cup of Tea forté"
Bill: So Bob, been reading anything interesting lately?
Bob: Of course. I just finished The Dynamics of Heat & Gas.
Bill: You mean the manual for your new oven?
Tea forté. Very La tea da

Advertising Agency: Team Y&R, Dubai, UAE
Creative Director: Shahir Ahmed
Art Director: Delaures Zaylaa
Copywriter: Mai Serhan
Illustrator: Baiju Natarajan

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Literary debate??? The dynamics of heat and gas... Are you nuts? Where is the literature. i think it's a scientific debate.

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I literally gagged on my tea trying to read and understand this.

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I think it's fun! on 2nd thots, maybe i'm just a li'l biased coz i don't get 2 see too many copy-based ads in Dubai.

the only thing i feel is that the conversation should have been longer. N it shouldn't have outrightly led to Bill saying out loud that it's an oven manual. The copy should have ideally, led u into finally figuring it out urself it's a manual they r talking about.

Rework on this, Mr. copywriter (plus, it wudn't hurt to make the art a li'l la-tea-dah too)...i think u have a nice thought on ur hands.....just needs the tea :)


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