Tea Addict Lounge: Sexy

Read what tea can do to you.
*research suggest that tea contains cathechins polyphenols which can improve fat metabolism.

Advertising Agency: Dentsu, Jakarta, Indonesia
Creative Director / Copywriter: Widi Hartono
Art Director: Yuli Andrian
Account Director: Nina Martini
Published: March 2010


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First thought was like its about enhancing your sexual energy or something!


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Sven Gali
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Is this a place to drink tea?

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ek kanya
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sex and tea? nice. I liek teh art and the thought.

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bad astronaut
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not sexy at all.

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I get the research insight of tea burning the fat, but where's the connection??? i'm really surprised. Its grossly misdirected.


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Dev Kumar
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Surely not as bad as they're made out to be...and the insights are good. I just feel that the H/L should've conveyed something like, "This is how Tea can be great for you".

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fat burned superb body... :D but for that you have to drink the tea...
jokes apart... fat reduction is not executed

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