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it would be nice to see also your own logo somewhere.
there's something good in this idea, but if your ONLY difference is the number of employees, why on earth should a client change agencies??? at least they have more people working for them now, hehe.

i don't know about "big" and "small" agencies, i prefer good and bad ones.

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Money man, money. they are saying, that with a less people they have the same expertise, the same creativity, the same quality of work.

They are saying we are a small agency only because the number of people working, not because we think small.

I dont like it very much, because i find it hard to bealive. But its a good ad. They talk about themselves at the same level of the bests networks of the world, it could be overpromising or having balls and standing out for your product.

It all depends if they REALLY have the quality of TBWA, DDB, BBDO and JWT. I find it, as i said, hard to bealive, but at least generates interest in who this guys are to talk about themselves proudly. I would at least check this agency out.

edit: i did check them out (at their website), they are overpromising. forget what i said.

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Jeff Ng
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I agree!
If the only one difference with big and small agency lies in the the number of people working, this persuasion is too weak for me. Most client certainly know the difference between big and small one.
Furthermore, Big client would also consider the scale and support of the agency, Big agency would be more secured for them to work with, so more people in one agency can be treated as good selling point.

However, this ads is good if it only compared with those competitor with similar scale which make more client interested in it.

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Overpromising was an understatement.

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that's exactly what i said, man. of course i know it's about money (what else?...) and everything you write here, you just used other words.
i understood it from the start and keep thinking the same.

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They're using a borrowed interest for a self-promo. Seriously?

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Juliangray... you forgot to mention EURO RSCG in your summary :)

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no se que decir, me reservo los comentarios de todas formas comenzaron siendo 4 y ha crecido, muy bien eduardo, segui con ganas

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------------ menos 10!

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